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How to Add Metadata to Images

Are you really wanted to know regarding the adding keywords to your image? Let me explain it on “How to add Metadata to Images”. There can be several methods to add Metadata to images such as manually as well as through different software.


What do you mean by Image Metadata?

Image Metadata is something about an Image which is given in text formation to an image file which is either embedded into the image file itself or in a separate file associated with a particular image.  

Image Metadata describes the image which is relevant and information about the image production. Sometimes these image metadata will be created by device itself which the image is captured and we can manually change or add more metadata accordingly and then edited through software such as GIMP or Adobe Photoshop.
Image Metadata is mostly recognized in cataloging and some visual information. Mostly the artists use this valuable and unique Image Metadata to showcase their uniqueness to the world. 

Apart from that intellectual Properties can also be protected using Image Metadata. Since Copyright can be easily stripped away, copyright information will not be enough for image protection as there are so many unauthorized access can cause on the internet.


What are the details we can include in an image?

Below are some of the examples we can have in an image.
Document Title, Author, Description, Keywords, Copyright Notice, Copyright URL, Creator, Address, City, State / Province, Postcode, Country, Phone Number, Website & Email, etc..

We can use PHOTOSHOP, LIGHTROOM, ADOBE BRIDGE, ADOBE  ILLUSTRATOR and GIMP software as the tool to include Image Metadata. The main advantage is to have the uniqueness of the images among internet and the ranking facility through Search Engines. 

Metadata can be added in JPG files, PSD files, RAW files & more files as well. If an Image is already embedded with Metadata information, that particular image is searchable through any search engine. Add Metadata to Images will helps you to rank the images as you prefer.

How Do You Add Metadata?

There is a number of methods to add metadata to images through image editing software. As examples, we can highlight Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Bridge


Add Metadata Without Special Software

You have to follow the below instructions.
1. Right click on the image or press and hold on the image name and select Properties.

Add Metadata Images Manually

2. Add Metadata as per your preference. (You can add or edit other information as well such as description, Title, Subject, Tags, Comments…)

metadata photos photoshop

03.Enter Advanced data and click on ok

Add Metadata photos Manually

How to Add Metadata to Your Images in Photoshop

By using photoshop it is very easy to add metadata in your images. You need to follow the below steps on by one.

01. Open an image in Photoshop and direct to file then select File Info

Metadata Images Photoshop​

3. Add basic information such as Document Title, Author, Description, Keywords,Copyright…

add metadata photo Photoshop​

4. Select IPCT and add Address, City, State / Province, Email, Website, Post Code … and Click on SAVE

metadata photos Photoshop​

Edit photo metadata Photoshop

The same way you can edit photo metadata photoshop by using photoshop, lightroom, illustrator and adobe bridge.

In Photoshop you can import your photo and select file then go file info section. You can easily add your all photo metadata just a few minutes.

Apply Metadata to Multiple Photos in Lightroom CC

Best and reliable way of adding metadata to multiple images is through Lightroom. As mentioned if you use Lightroom Software you can easily add Copyright and Metadata to multiple images at once. You are not supposed to enter one by one manually. You can try out Lightroom software to manipulate Metadata at once to multiple images.


Add Metadata to Images in SEO Perspective

If your image is published with appropriate keywords in Metadata, it’s highly searchable through any search engine tool and we call it Search Engine Optimization. This mechanism is highly professional in image optimization and if you add a web link apart from the keywords, it helps you to direct to the particular website by clicking on the image itself.


What should be our Conclusion on Adding Metadata to Images?

 If you add Metadata to Images, what are the benefits you gain through the internet? You need to think this in a positive manner. If you want your images to be unique, highly ranked and do other promotional behaviors please keep in mind to add Metadata to your images. 

Right now, you have an idea about photoshop metadata. So here is the best youtube channel for photoshop tutorials you can follow these Youtube channel and able to get professional knowledge.

Apart from that, I appreciate and welcome your ideas and your decision on the quality of the article. If you know any other means of adding a Metadata to images, please do comment for others to gain some knowledge on them.

And again I really appreciate if you can comment on the method which you are familiar with and which method you prefer to add Metadata to images easily and quickly without any obstacles.

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