Nowadays, need is social distancing. Everyone must have awareness about social distancing. It is nothing but a safe distance of six feet or two meters apart to protect people from COVID19. This main motive is to limit the number of peoples coming into close contact. Highly crowded cities are suffering a lot to maintain social distancing. Many creatives around the world are trying to tackle social distancing in several ways.

The UN and WHO wanted creatives to design informative graphics in a fun-filled and engaging way. According to the UN, it hopes creators will inspire people and make a creative twist among their audience. Online is the best platform to spread awareness about the disease. Graphics designers and their effective ideas are going to be the major part of it.
Some interesting social distancing icons are going to be shared in this article, which helps to maintain social distancing practically around the world. The main thing which helps in this aspect is graphic designing symbols, signs, and ideas which are used to maintain this social distancing.

iconographies for social distancing scaled
An elevator at a shopping mall in Indonesia

In Indonesia, a shopping mall in Surabaya elevators is marked with boxes. It maintains two meters distance apart between each other in the small elevator in an effective way.

It is the only protective way against COVID19. World Health Organisation recommends it to prevent the spread of this virus. People need to go outside buy essential goods like food and medicine. For this kind of activity, social distancing helps a lot for people to be safe. To make this social distancing a most essential one, graphics designing is useful in several ways. This designing aspect creates an intention among people to follow social distancing.

social distancing around the world
A shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

Elevators are marked with different direction arrows in a shopping mall in Thailand, Bangkok. It ensures social distancing measures.

social distancing in light rapid transit train in Palembang
Train in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia

People sit in public transportation with red cross marks stand social distancing in light rapid transit train in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

maintain the necessary distance between everyone
Grocery store in Potsdam, Germany.

The Rewe grocery store in Potsdam, Germany people stands behind red lines to maintain the necessary distance between everyone.

church in Borongan social distancing
church in Borongan

Religious places like church where people crowd gather in large numbers are imparting social distancing. One such example is a church in Borongan. The Philippines is isolating people using yellow tapes cross.

social distancing to moving public along
A banner in Brooklyn’s prospect park

A banner at Brooklyn’s prospect park which remains social distancing to moving public along this way.

Graphics signs are helpful in approximating distances. Designers are working with an architect to make effective directional infrastructure. Many ways are prescribed around the world to denote the social distancing protocol using tapes, floor stickers, signs, furniture and other crafty techniques.

social distancing corona awareness vegetable market
Vegetable market, Chennai.

Chalk work depicting the social distancing and corona awareness at the vegetable market, Chennai.

Nairobito impart social distancing
in Nairobi

Occasional squares in Nairobi to impart social distancing.

in Wisconsin

Traffic cones at a polling station in Wisconsin.

different design approach
Milan’s Porta Venezia

A cafe separates customers using a different design approach in Milan’s Porta Venezia.

Social distancing example

Circles in Nairobis, Kenya

social distancing example supermarket rome
Supermarket in Rome

In Rome, people stand apart as they line up to enter a supermarket

social distancing example singapore

X-marks decommissioned urinals in Singapore.

An example of Social distancing a supermarket in Singapore.

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