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(Image credit: BMW/Future Owns)

BMW gets the most radical logo change in over 100 years

A brand new logo has launched by BMW. Bavarian Motor Works is a German Multinational Company producing automobiles and motorcycles. The company originated 100 years ago.

BMW new logo 2020
(Image credit: BMW/Future Owns)

It releases a new logo for releasing i4 concept car. It is a flat design movement. The classic black outer ring is replaced with a completely transparent design. Additionally, 3D and lighting effects are removed to give a simple look. The circle design remains the same as white color. The blue color denotes the company’s home state of Bavaria.

It is a transformation from classic to modern logo design. Senior Vice President, Jenson Thiemer gives a reason that “BMW is turning into a relationship brand, so the transparent logo signifies the openness and clarity.”

bmw change logo over 100 years since 1917
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BMW logo design has subjected to many changes. The most notable difference is the removal of the black ring around the circle. The myth among the public that “BMW logo design is a propeller.” BMW launched an article last summer, clearing the common misconception that the logo represents a propeller. It is an entirely wrong misconception.