Best Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners

Best Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners

You want to know everything as a newbie best photoshop tutorials for beginners, right?

Photoshop is the best graphic designing sites that have been available for people to do something more than just graphic designing. It has always been around the corner, used by billions of people to fulfill their graphic designing requirements.

As a beginner in the area, I bet you want to know everything about Photoshop.

Well, as one of the best Photoshop tutorials for newbies, in this article I will cover the main points that you will need to know. 


In this post, I will show you where you can find the best free Photoshop tutorials as well as the main topics that you need to cover. 

Either you are a complete stranger to this sector, or you have been around for a while working bits and bits and making yourself comfortable with the platform. It really does not matter, because this will be the perfect guide that all of you guys want.

Do not waste your time looking at each and every website available. Read this post; identify the best step by step Photoshop tutorials for beginners and simply start with the one you prefer the most.

The places where you can find the best Photoshop tutorials

If you have searched on the internet for these tutorials, I am pretty sure that you have met more than a dozen of available links. But the real question lies within. Do they actually offer you the requirements that you need? Or are they simply some scam sites made for the purpose of cheating you?

There is no need to worry about it anymore because the answer is finally here.

I have listed the top sites that I found on the internet. This is a list of twelve perfect sites that have been made just for you with the links. Read, enjoy and get started without any delay.

1. Youtube Photoshop Tutorials

This is a platform that provides many instructional videos. Well, they offer you Photoshop tutorials too. You can find video tutorials that cover the installation of using the software too many sophisticated items.

2. Google

Google is the mastermind of everything that is there on the internet. So, do you really think that they will not have Photoshop tutorials for you? Well, they definitely do have them, and they are very useful too.

3. Udemy

udemy photoshop tutorials for beginners

This is a very popular educational website. They cover many subject areas and they have not forgotten to create ones of Photoshop as well.

4. Adobe tutorials

This is the best and easiest way to learn about Adobe. What else could be the best than the official help center-right? Well, this is their help center and as much as I feel this is the best for someone to learn at any level!

5. Phleam

This is a guide that you can use to learn about Lightroom and many more. There are tutorials for very affordable prices.

6. PSD Vault

This has been entirely developed for beginners and intermediates of the software. If you are brand new you will get step by step guides with examples of all the tools you get.

7. CGfrog

This platform brings you the most inspiring ideas when it comes to graphic designing. If you have some knowledge with using the software you can definitely head up to the next level with this site.

8. Design stacks

They definitely have stacks of design tutorials and imaged for you to learn from.

9. Lynda

This is a website that offers you causes in mane subject areas.
They have over 2500 courses in software development, design, business, web development, photography. They have definitely included tutorials in Photoshop as well.

10. Photoshop star

This is a step by step tutorial website that has been made to improve your basic knowledge about the software.

11. Photoshop café

step by step photoshop tutorials for beginners

You get both free tutorials and premium training with this software. You can browse many video tutorials on this website with ease.

12. PSD Dude

PSD Dude is a website that offers Photoshop tutorials and resources. You get to learn with the help of examples. Get a kick start with the artworks that have been done with adobe!

What are the topics that you need to cover as a beginner?

There are a few topics that you need to cover as a newbie in this area. Once you selected one or more sites that cover your basic requirements, it is now time that you select what you need to understand in them.

1. Photoshop free trial

You do not have to buy the software at the very beginning because they offer you the free trial feature. You can download the software and use it to trial the tools that they offer.
If you are not satisfied with what they offer you, then all you have to do is uninstall it. But I am pretty sure that you are going to love it!

2. Photoshop version that you will be using

You have to first identify the Photoshop version that you will be using.

The developers offer a large number of versions that have been released in various years. The features that they have are different from each other and the latest version is bound to be the one with the most important and developed tools.

But for a beginner, you can start with a more basic one and then move on.

3. Tools list in Adobe Photoshop

So now you have selected a version that is both compatible with you and covering your basic requirements.

Then it is time to understand the tools that Adobe offers. This is a basic guide that will help you to get prepared with what to face in there.


Most important Photoshop tools that you need to identify

There are more than many tools within the system, and there will not be enough space to fill up the details about all of them. In this article, I will cover up the most basic and the most important tools that you need to identify.

a. What is a layer in Photoshop?

They are similar to the sheets stacked together to form a single sheet. These are made of transparent areas between each other making it possible to look between each other. You can change the features of the sheets in terms of transparency, and opacity.
Pixel & Bracket YouTube Channel : Layers for Beginners Photoshop CC Tutorial

b. Editing photos in Photoshop camera RAW

This is another one of the most used tools that the system has to offer you. This plug-in software is basically used to grant the ability to work and edit JPEG and TIFF files.

Jay Malone YouTube Channel: Camera RAW Editing Tutorial

c. Using selection tools

A selection is an area that you define in a given photo or image. So, with these tools, you get to create an editable section within an image while saving the other parts with no harm.

Vertic Designs YouTube Channel: Photoshop How To Cut Out an Image

d. How to use pen tools?

A pen is something that we use in our day to day lives. We use it to draw and write and similar tasks. The pen tool in Adobe does the same by giving the opportunity to draw n images. It is much sophisticated with added curve functions and anchor functions.

e. Dodge, Bum, and Sponge

This enables to lighten or darken the background of a given image. This is much useful when highlighting or covering certain items.

PHLEARN YouTube Channel: Simple Dodge & Burn in Photoshop

f. Adjusting colors

There are many adjustments that you can make with Adobe, and this is a very useful one indeed. You get to adjust the colors in the way you prefer, in order to grant the photo a new look. Refurnishing of photos can be done easily with them.
Photoshop Training Channel YouTube Channel: How to change the color of anything in Photoshop

g. Retouching photos in Photoshop

This is the most used option among people. You get to add a sense of beauty, emotion, age, and quality with much ease by using this option.
PiXimperfect YouTube Channel: High-End Skin Retouching & Sculpting in Photoshop

h. Photoshop blending modes

There are many blending modes in Photoshop. For a 32-bit image, you get fifteen modes! Contrast, normal, darken are the most used out of them. You will definitely understand the use of them once you get started with the software.

i. Photoshop image manipulations

Why would you use this if not to manipulate a photo that you have, right? You get to retouch, recolor and edit photos as much as you like.
Nemanja Sekulic YouTube Channel: Photo Manipulation Tutorial

j. Add image metadata in Photoshop

One of the most important characteristics of it, when considered for professional photographers, is this. Though you might see it as an unimportant it is actually equipped with many important settings.

MyGraphicSite Blog Site: How to Add Metadata to Images


Graphic design tools like Photoshop

As a beginner now know how important photoshop for your design. It’s time to know other Graphic design software.

Here you’ll find out section of the best 10 important graphic designing software list that you can consider for your design skill.

Photoshop is the most popular graphic design software and like most leading software. Also, you can find some online tool like Photoshop.

Here are a few resources to help you:

In this article, I have mentioned some of the basic Photoshop tutorials that you will need as a beginner. You can simply go over their links and websites and identify for yourself. There are many tricks and tips in Photoshop, so make sure that you get to know all of them.
Feel free to comment in here or contact me if you have any ideas in order to add more value to this article. I will definitely share them with my audience because we are anyways helping someone to learn Photoshop for free.

How to start a career in Graphic Designing as a newbie?

How to start a career in Graphic Designing as a newbie?

In day to day life, we want graphic designing skills to do our tasks whether we are students, employees or business owners. If we maintain a Facebook page or a blog, we want to design attractive artworks for it. If we are students or employees, we will want graphic designing skills to create awesome presentations for impressing our professors or bosses. When we share our knowledge over an eLearning course, we want to create some graphics for that.
So if we have the graphic designing skills, then we don’t need to hire a graphic designer for that and we can save a lot of money by doing our own work. We are going to tell you about how to become a good graphic designer in this article.

Actually, Do I Need A Degree To Be A Graphic Designer?

It is not essential to have a degree to be a graphic designer. If you have, then it is good. It will add an extra educational qualification to your CV. But it is not must. If you have the skills you can be a good graphic designer. Skills are the most important thing in this field. If you don’t have the skills yet, we are going to guide you to gain them through this article. So stay with us throughout this article.

So Is Graphic Design Hard?

If you are a beginner with no prior experience, then the graphic design will be an overwhelming job for you. You should not try to become a master in graphic designing within a month. Just try to complete a task at a time. By doing task by task, you will gradually gain the skills to the master level. Therefore don’t be so hurry to achieve everything at once and stay humble in the initial phase.
Read many books and blog posts on design principles as you can. Google as much as possible and gain the knowledge on the things what you don’t know or the things that you have less knowledge about.
Master Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. To master them, start to learn the tools inside each software one by one. Learning the tool one by one will help you to learn the individual concepts in graphic designing.
You can begin your journey as a graphic designer newbie and reach the professional level by following simple and specific steps. The guidelines below will help you to go in the right direction.

1.Inspiration gathering

Try to get inspirations from the masters in the graphic designing field. When you see a creative and unique design put it to your Pinterest board. Then try to recreate and add new things to the design.

You should not copy the designs on your Pinterest board. You can get an idea from that but you have to find out your own style using those. The inspirational designs that you collected will help you to discover your preferences. For example, assume that your collection of inspirational designs mostly consists of infographics. That means you love infographics more than the other design types. Therefore you need to pay full attention to infographics and begin designing your own projects.

You can find many sources of inspiration. or are great examples for them.

2.Observe and study

Take a considerable amount of time and observe the designs you collected. Observe how are texts, shapes, lines and other components masterfully combined in a design. You will see that all the designs are very simple but powerful.

When you study various designs you can get a better understanding about implementing the tips and theories you read into the real world designs.

Analyze past and present design trends in the world. Find a specific design style and discover the things that they have used. Swiss style is a good graphic design style to begin, because of its grid design system. Try to redesign them. Compare your design to theirs. If there is a difference between them, then do modifications to your design. Repeat this process for many other styles until you gain confidence.

Then take a coupon clipper and redesign the ads in a new style. Do the same process with billboards, advertisements and etc.

Then try to create your own designs. That way you can develop your skills. In this process of developing your skills, you automatically begin to guess the software and tools that professional designers have used to design specific components. Don’t much worry about color theories, negative space and typography at the beginning. You will automatically get the knowledge on them when you continue your work.

Now you have a great portfolio with you. Try to connect with a local business. And then do some free work for them to build your portfolio and to get more work. Or you can join to a graphic design company as an intern. And also you can try freelancing work as a graphic designer., and are some examples of freelancing platforms.

3.Take notice of alignment

Symmetry is a very important factor when increasing the attractiveness of your design. Though your design consists of many colors and decorations, to obtain the uniformity, it is important to adjust the alignments.

4. Select the correct font types

When you design, you must pay attention to the clarity of your design. Because clarity is an essential aspect of graphic designing. If you put unreadable text on your design in order to enhance the visual appeal, you will not achieve what you expect from your design. Your design will not be successful. It is not a good idea to use various typefaces in one design though some guides tell to use. Because it is difficult to adjust our eyes to various styles and forms at once. So it is better to use different font sizes of the same font family. 

However, you should not use the same font family to all your designs. Because the perfect font family for a project may differ from project to project. It depends on the requirements, expectations, goals, and viewers of a design. So you should research and select the perfect font style before starting a particular project. There are so many font styles, exploration and experimentation will help you to select the best one.

5.The target for color cohesion

Don’t try to implement all the things you have learned in one design. If you do so, then your design will be full of texts, colors, shapes, and all the other components. Another thing is that don’t use red/green, orange/blue or purple/yellow color combinations in your design because a large amount of contrast is not a good factor of designing. Select colors that match each other finely.

Select the colors that match your mood and intentions. For example, deep blue symbolizes spirituality, intrigue or depression while green color symbolizes peace, nature, and freshness. Analyze some inspirational designs that you have collected and identify the color combinations they have used for expressing their mood and achieving their goals. Try to accomplish the same thing, using your own color combination.

You can use the Adobe Color CC tool online for selecting a good palette according to your requirement.

6.Keep consistency of the image quality throughout the design

Meaning of the overall project depends on the images, diagrams, and illustrations you use in your design. Expressing a message, information, feeling or a thought in a clear and attractive way is the general purpose of graphic design.

You have to keep the quality of images you are using, consistent throughout the design. For example, assume that you are going to combine a professional image which you bought from a stock image website with your own photograph, then the viewers will see the shortage of consistency. Therefore the consistency of the style, lighting, framing, proportions, and quality of these components should have remained all over the design.

7.Learn from the feedback you receive from others

The whole purpose of learning graphic designing is to design graphics that are appealing to others. Therefore it is important to get feedback from others. Maybe you are not confident about your design. It does not matter. You should not afraid of feedbacks. You can ask for feedback from professional graphic designers you know.

You can learn from the feedback. Accept the criticism happily and use it to enhance your skills. They help you to be a skillful designer.

8.The target for a clean and readable design

After creating a design, just take a rest for a few hours and then examine it carefully. If it needs some modifications then do it. There should be a right balance between brightness and contrast. Text in the design should be clear and readable. All the other components in the design should accomplish the goals of the design

9.Give importance to the rule of hierarchy

You should strongly pay attention to the hierarchy of your design elements. Let’s assume that you create a design for displaying an important textual message. If you place it over a colorful image, then it will degrade the importance of the textual image. Then you cannot successfully achieve your goals through your design. Therefore prioritization of the design elements is one of the most important factors when designing.
You can successfully accomplish the priority over color, typography, scale, and compositional placement. Though you add many other components to your design, the message you convey through your design must not be degraded.

10.Always do the things you love most

Always try to do something you truly love. Assume that you are a vegetarian and you get an order to design a promotional poster for the KFC chicken. Definitely, you cannot do it with your heart. If you take the order for the sake of money and design the poster, it will not be much successful because you design it with reluctance. Therefore always try to do projects that you are passionate about. Your energetic interest in it will create a great design.

Always sharpen your creativity and innovative ideas. You can gain better results if you continuously practice. The hardest part is to start but when you pass this phase with courage, no one can prevent you from being successful.

I hope you got a clear idea about starting your career as a beginner in graphics designing and how to become a good graphic designer. Good luck for your career and await for more forthcoming articles on graphic designing.

For a new graphic designer which is the best freelancing websites for graphic designers

For a new graphic designer which is the best freelancing websites for graphic designers

When you initially think about earning money through freelancing as a Graphic Designer, where should you actually stops? What is the best freelancing websites for graphic designers? Before step in to freelancing, you should research for the correct answer for the above question.

When I step into this field, I initially searched the internet for the best freelance website for a graphic designer to earn money. There were lot of search results. When I dig in to the sites, I came to know that only a few are genuine. Most of the search results are fake sites. I did have work with both of them and learned a lot.

As you heard so many genuine freelancing sites these days, you have to select the best site for you to work with if you are a fresher. There are,, upwork, 99design, people for hours and Toptal and some others. Among these how to select the best freelancer website for a beginner? This should be the main concern for you. Now I am going to expose you the correct selection.

Actually, Fiverr is the best option for a beginner. But you should next come up with the question “why is Fiverr better than the other sites?” 

Will try to do a comparison first. Except for fiver, all the other freelancer sites tend you to bid and search for jobs. But in fiverr when you have a considerable number of good and positive reviews, project owners will come to you directly and ask for your help in completing their tasks. That is the basic comparison in between freelancer sites. If you updated your profile well organized with gigs, then your profile become a shopping window in the internet. Now you know the benefit of You will receive jobs without even bidding or applying.


How to start my Graphic Designer Journey?

You should not try to grab big projects. Start with small tasks like background removing, photo editing or image tracing. These would be better for a beginner to start with. Once you are finalized with good quality, you will get the return by your customers. Those are Ratings and comments. If your profile is rated well, then definitely you will get more customers looking for your service.

I can recommend trying and if you are a beginner. These two platforms can be recommended if you are really a fresher.

Which is the 10 popular freelance websites

Below I have shared 10 popular freelance websites reputable freelancing websites for graphic designers , and their site recommended you to start your graphic design journey.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. 99design
  4. Freelancer
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Guru
  7. Toptal
  8. Ifreelance
  9. Designhill 
  10. Designcrowd

How to choose a website for freelance graphic designers

Doesn’t matter what the website is. You should come up with a clear professional portfolio with quality sample design pieces to showcase your ability. If you are a beginner, try to focus on small areas like background removing, Photoshop editing or logo design. Then create and set up your portfolio with those example works. There should not be hundreds of sample pieces. Maximum 10 to 15 best pieces would be fine to promote yourself. You can upload your sample projects to or to show case your name to the seekers. Even though freelancer sites are a great place to start with, high demand for work is currently been penalized by price with a huge freelancer’s availability. Getting a job to your budget is not easy for a beginner. So initially you must market yourself for low prices and try to maintain a good healthy and professional portfolio with good rated comments. Then you could maximize your budgets upon your demand. Now you will think why should we work for a lower cost? But in terms of return in the future, that would be the best option. Do not listen to “Never work for free”. If you want to become a good freelancer, sometimes you might need to work for free initially. Then customers will definitely recommend you for their referrals. This would be a better stream of finding more jobs in the future and get the demand on yourself.

Now we have had a detail conversation about freelancer sites available for beginners. You might have heard some more freelancer websites which are available on the internet. We can share our knowledge and our findings for freelancer websites which will be a help for someone to make their graphic designer journey.