When you initially think about earning money through freelancing as a Graphic Designer, where should you actually stops? What is the best freelancing websites for graphic designers? Before step in to freelancing, you should research for the correct answer for the above question.

When I step into this field, I initially searched the internet for the best freelance website for a graphic designer to earn money. There were lot of search results. When I dig in to the sites, I came to know that only a few are genuine. Most of the search results are fake sites. I did have work with both of them and learned a lot.

As you heard so many genuine freelancing sites these days, you have to select the best site for you to work with if you are a fresher. There are fiverr.com, freelance.com, upwork, 99design, people for hours and Toptal and some others. Among these how to select the best freelancer website for a beginner? This should be the main concern for you. Now I am going to expose you the correct selection.

Actually, Fiverr is the best option for a beginner. But you should next come up with the question “why is Fiverr better than the other sites?” 

Will try to do a comparison first. Except for fiver, all the other freelancer sites tend you to bid and search for jobs. But in fiverr when you have a considerable number of good and positive reviews, project owners will come to you directly and ask for your help in completing their tasks. That is the basic comparison in between freelancer sites. If you updated your profile well organized with gigs, then your profile become a shopping window in the internet. Now you know the benefit of fiverr.com. You will receive jobs without even bidding or applying.


How to start my Graphic Designer Journey?

You should not try to grab big projects. Start with small tasks like background removing, photo editing or image tracing. These would be better for a beginner to start with. Once you are finalized with good quality, you will get the return by your customers. Those are Ratings and comments. If your profile is rated well, then definitely you will get more customers looking for your service.

I can recommend trying upwork.com and 99design.com if you are a beginner. These two platforms can be recommended if you are really a fresher.

Which is the 10 popular freelance websites

Below I have shared 10 popular freelance websites reputable freelancing websites for graphic designers , and their site recommended you to start your graphic design journey.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. 99design
  4. Freelancer
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Guru
  7. Toptal
  8. Ifreelance
  9. Designhill 
  10. Designcrowd

How to choose a website for freelance graphic designers

Doesn’t matter what the website is. You should come up with a clear professional portfolio with quality sample design pieces to showcase your ability. If you are a beginner, try to focus on small areas like background removing, Photoshop editing or logo design. Then create and set up your portfolio with those example works. There should not be hundreds of sample pieces. Maximum 10 to 15 best pieces would be fine to promote yourself. You can upload your sample projects to dribbble.com or behance.net to show case your name to the seekers. Even though freelancer sites are a great place to start with, high demand for work is currently been penalized by price with a huge freelancer’s availability. Getting a job to your budget is not easy for a beginner. So initially you must market yourself for low prices and try to maintain a good healthy and professional portfolio with good rated comments. Then you could maximize your budgets upon your demand. Now you will think why should we work for a lower cost? But in terms of return in the future, that would be the best option. Do not listen to “Never work for free”. If you want to become a good freelancer, sometimes you might need to work for free initially. Then customers will definitely recommend you for their referrals. This would be a better stream of finding more jobs in the future and get the demand on yourself.

Now we have had a detail conversation about freelancer sites available for beginners. You might have heard some more freelancer websites which are available on the internet. We can share our knowledge and our findings for freelancer websites which will be a help for someone to make their graphic designer journey.