Have you ever wonder how to grow your small business by using graphic design service?

Here at MyGraphicSite we frequently talk about Graphic Design for small business. They are an essential part of all business. And we couldn’t stress it more.

I think if you want to improve your business you need to understand the importance of graphic design for small business.

The aim of graphic design is to produce visual information to a target audience. And in business, the information that you give away is the key to promote your business.

But it is more than just conveying a message. It is aesthetic. It should definitely be creative and catchy and it should have the ability to create a long-lasting image in the mind of the people who see that.

And here we will give you details on the importance of graphic design in small business, and the available graphic design packages for small business in the market.

So basically, this is the ultimate article on graphic design for small business owners.

Importance of graphic design in business

So, if you have a small business, you do not plan to keep it on the same scale, are you? What are the strategies you plan to implement, to take your business one step up?

Does any of those including marketing?

Well, effective marketing in that case?

The importance of graphic design in business does not only apply to large scale ones. There are instances where we have to make logos and brochures and websites and at moments as such it is very important that you have the skill and knowledge to make it perfect.

Most of the marketing strategies lie with the graphic design skills you employ.

The designs of your business should be impressive, attractive and memorable. Graphic design is important to create effective communication.

And there is an increasing amount of small businesses entering the market. Graphic design is one major aspect that helps you deal with the competition.

How to find a graphic designer?

Actually look there are plenty of graphic design services for small business in the market today.

Also, there are head-hunters that could help you with finding the best graphic designer for small business. Or you could get one of those graphic design packages for small business.

Before anything here are some tips for you to follow when hiring a graphic designer.

Actually look there are plenty of graphic design services for small business in the market today. Also, there are head-hunters that could help you with finding the best graphic designer for small business. Or you could get one of those graphic design packages for small business. Before anything here are some tips for you to follow when hiring a graphic designer.

  1. You should understand your market and your competitors too. To give a better competition you should know what your business will be facing.
  2. Understand your audience. If your business is aimed for young people, your designs have to specially target them. You cannot expect the younger ones to give their time to boring things. Knowing your audience is the key to success.
  3. Get a general idea on what you want from the graphic designer. Well, a designer can design whatever you ask him to. But you should know what outputs you need. When you cannot say what you want to accomplish, the designer will have to make it according to his imagination and consequences will be difficult.
  4. Research about the graphic designers you are going to hire! Better take a look at their previous work and evaluate it. Just to be sure that they know how to do the task you need to get done.
  5. Pick the flexible ones. The design should be what you expect it to be. And to achieve that the designer should be flexible to handle different design items. Also, when the designer has talent in designing brochures as well as logos, you get all your requirements done!!

Few top-notch freelance graphic design service providers

So, with all that you must be wondering about how to get the perfect graphic design service for your small business. Well, given below are details about a few graphic designing services that are popular in the field.


www.fiverr.com is a freelance service provider in graphic designing. There are a few important reasons that you might need to get your work done with Fiverr. The major reason is that you get work done fast, completely as you wish, and with confidence. The service is completely worth the money. They have a fixed price and assure your satisfaction with the design before paying.
You can get a variety of graphic designing services with them. They design anything from a logo to flyers to books and album covers. They do illustrations and business card design as well. And if you were having trouble setting up your website, worry no more! They will do it for you!
Fiverr small business service

All in a very creative way indeed!

Then If you plan on getting service from Fiverr it is not very hard. You can use the Fiverr search and side filters to find the perfect freelancer. And when you find a service you would like, click on the gig. Fiverr has a section with work samples and feedback for each freelancer. So, a little research will pay off.

Fiverr ranks its sellers in levels and there are badges in the profiles so it doesn’t take much time for you to clarify it. Actually there are three levels; level one, level two and top-rated seller. Level one is the newbie, and the top-rated is the elite members.

There is a different page on the Fiverr website for you to higher pros. The pro profiles are given in this page. You can easily select your pro seller to get your work done in exclusively talented hands.

Pro Seller Service Fiverr.com

fiverr pro seller

For all the services they offer, they have pros to do it too. Only 1% of applicants of the freelancers reach the pro level. With Fiverr pro, you get 24/7 VIP support and 100% quality assurance. The pro team has been with trusted by top-tier brands, and have major professional experience in the field.
With Fiverr, you will be able to give your business the essence of graphic designing. They have been in the business with major business brands. The logos they designed are well-known. I think if you want to give your business a highlighting look Fiverr is all you need.


99design is a global design platform that helps you hire talented professionals. You get to pick your favourite designer in a bunch of highly talented personalities. They have options to get your design done in order to ensure that you get a bigger customer experience.

99design Graphic Design for small business

They have design services for logo designing, website designing, arts, and illustration designing and Business and advertising. Well, almost all the categories are covered by their range of services.
To hire you to get two options you can directly select the seller by looking onto their profiles. Or else, you can invite their community to submit their designs to your project. With that, you get to select the best out of a variety.
99design How to find a graphic designer

The small business logo and identity offers starts from $300 to $599. Their offer for logo and hosted website designing is the best for small businesses. It will roughly cost about $599. And a sole web page design would also take about $599.

99design will not only help you get your designs done. It will be the one that offers your business the uniqueness that it deserves. A unique business design is an exceptional requirement and you are most likely to get it with 99design.


The most important asset in a design is the images and icons that you choose. They are the ones that are going to speak for you. Most of the people pay attention to the images than the words. So, your choice will decide whether you rise or fall.

Templatemonster offers Graphic Design for business

Understanding this, Templatemonster offers you a massive collection of templates to select with. So, with them, you will be able to pick easily and creatively. You can find all the graphic design template requirements. They have templates for PowerPoint, keynotes, certificates, illustrations, and resumes. 

With a site like this, you get to pick the templates that you actually like which mean you select the best for your business. And as the templates are already made you only have to edit it according to your details. It does not require many skills. So, this way you get to save your money and time spent on freelancers.


graphic design for small business

And Templatemonster offers you 8500+ unlimited downloads best items only $19 for a month. This is like the cheapest of graphic design services you will get ever. And with the fact you get to be your own designer, there is very little to go wrong!

A final word on getting your designers

However if you own a small business you really have to get a professional logo and a webpage. Because a good logo is a must to make people remember you. And people visit your webpage than your business store. People judge your business based on your designs!

Graphic designers should be hired only after doing some research on their work. They should be evaluated according to their past work. And they should be flexible and attentive to the requirements.

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