What must have a good design element marketplace?  It must be easy to navigate, provide simple shopping, contain a huge number of design items and most importantly, it has to keep the high quality of products. MasterBundles meets all requirements. Moreover, it has a customer-friendly price policy and you can always find products with discount.

One of the most interesting products you can find are resume templates. They were developed by professional designs and have well-developed layouts, various design, and compact information presentation. You can keep hire managers attention with resume from our marketplace. In addition,  you can provide employers with information fast and pithy. It is important because you have to interest your employer in the first 15 seconds.

Willa Bergstrom Resume Template

Willa Bergstrom

Although we live in the days of the digital progress, nobody’s cancelled the power of a good old CV. If you are looking for a way to impress your potential boss, Willa Bergstrom is exactly what you need! This resume template would be your ready-made solution. There are no special skills needed. You can work with this product easily even if you have never used a template before.

To put it briefly, Willa Bergstrom is super easy-to-edit. You can customize the layouts in accordance with your personal taste or business style. All the design elements are high-quality 100% versatile. You may change them without losing the quality via such essential tools as PS and Microsoft Word.

What will you get inside Willa Bergstrom? The package includes:

  • A4 paper size,
  • IiResume,
  • Cover letter,
  • Readable fonts, etc.

Minimal Style Resume CV Template

Minimal Style Resume CV Template

When you choose a resume template you have to pay attention to your employer attitude to work style. For some companies, you need a creative or bright resume design. Yet, in many cases, especially when it comes to law firms and financial companies, you may find classic and minimalistic resume design more preferable. And if you do need a resume with simple style, then you should check this CV template. Though it has a minimalistic design you can provide an employer with all important information about your working experience, skills, awards and so on.

Professional Resume Template

Professional Resume Template

This resume template was developed by professionals and provides you with many additional design options. It includes two pages in MS Word format, a cover letter template, a pack of fonts, a pack of 60+ social media icons and a beginner guide that include instruction on how to use included packs. In addition, you can edit this template in MS Word. It is eye-catchy, highly informative and fully editable resume template. Moreover, it will be a perfect choice for any resume and suits any type of interview.

Doctor Resume Template

Here is another impressive resume template which is undoubtedly worthy of your attention. This product is extra simple in customization. It has a neat, minimalist style and can be edited up to your taste effortlessly. By tradition, you can do it with the help of Adobe Photoshop and any modern text editor.

In 2019, everything becomes easier. Now, any non-techie can run an excellent website about, for example, their college. Needless to say, to do it, you don’t have to touch a single line of

code. Thanks to such creator-friendly products as education WordPress themes, anyone can do their best in site building. So, why resume creating should be an exception? Click on the details of this calm doctor resume example to see which features it contains!

8 Federal Resume Templates

8 Federal Resume Templatesa

The government has its own requirements for employees. And if you want to work for the government you should start with developing a suitable resume. But where can you find a good example of such cv? On the MasterBundles, of course.  In order to provide you with fully editable and made according to government requirements, we developed a Federal Resume Template Bundle. Moreover, all templates are print-ready and you can fill them with your hand if you need. They come in PDF and email ready format. So do not waste your time and be a perfect employee with the Federal Resume Template Bundle.

5 Downloadable Resume Template

5 Downloadable Resume Templates

If you really care about the digital version of your resume and you want to be sure there will be no problems to download it for others, then you should pay attention to this resume and cv bundle. Creators of this bundle chose the most responsive and easy to edit templates. They are compatible with any OS and look great on all devices. This bundle includes 5 templates. They all are print-ready, have built-in fonts and come in PDF and email ready formats.

Johnson Graphic Designer Resume Template

Johnson Graphic Designer Resume Template

To start with, Michael Johnson is a ready-to-use resume template which was created and styled for graphic designers. In case you are looking for a trendy design, don’t miss this item! The template is fully layered which means you can work with it without effort. What’s even more important, Michael Johnson was made with your would-be-employer in mind. Thus, it already comes with all the necessary details.

What can you see in the pack of this handy graphic designer resume template? By choosing Michael Johnson for your CV, you get:

  • 2-page resume template in A4 paper size files,
  • a stylish cover letter,
  • different paragraph and character styles,
  • 100% printable files, etc.

Student Resume Template

There are many categories of employees and students are one of them. Students and people who just finished education have a few issues when it comes to interview. At first, they lack work experience. The second issue is lack of skills. It may influence your chances to get a job. And this is why we developed a Student Resume Template. It is well-designed and well-structured. With this template, you can present yourself in the best possible way to impress hire managers and improve your chances to get a job.

Best Resume Templates / CV Bundle

Best Resume Templates CV Bundle

There are many top lists, yet this one contains the best products we have. It includes 10 templates with different design and structure. And you can use them for multiple types of jobs and interview. These templates are clean and neat. Moreover, all of them are easily editable and fully responsive. And if you want you can use an original resume template for every interview. It will show your serious attitude to employment.

John Smith – Resume Template

John Smith Resume Template

To make a long story short, John Smith is a clean and multipurpose resume template. It can cover any topic which means that you can use John Smith multiple times. As you can see, the design of the template is also plain-vanilla. Here is a cool thing about John Smith template! It can literally contain tons of information, but the design still won’t be overloaded. Everything and anything in this template organized professionally. However, all the elements are highly flexible and can easily be customized. Don’t hesitate to edit the images in Adobe PS or add your texts with  Microsoft Word!

Chronological Resume Template

Chronological Resume Template

It may be a wise move to tell more about yourself in cv even before the interview. Yet, hiring managers do not spend a lot of time reading resumes. If they are not impressed in the first 15 seconds your chances to get a job may decrease. And we have a good solution for you. Chronological Resume Template allows you to create a link between your previous jobs or education courses. It will present your life experience in a compact yet highly informative form.

Creative Resume Templatee

Creative Resume Template

Would you like to find something less official and more creative? Therefore, the next template is just what the doctor ordered! Here is a 4-page creative resume template that comes with an elegant, attention-grabbing design. Don’t you think that spring mood can fit your CV? In this case, here is your must-have!

When it comes to this awesome CV template, you can be sure in the look of all its details including:

  • colors,
  • pictures,
  • texts,
  • fonts,
  • icons,
  • and even spaces!

Here is a quick list of the main features you get inside the package:

  • the main 4-page resume template and 1-page cover letter template,
  • readable fonts that are free to download for you,
  • 100% customizable vector elements,
  • print-ready files, and more.

Feminine Chic Resume

Feminine Chic Resume

This feminine CV template was made in the clean design and contain well-developed layouts. It is very informative and presents all the necessary information on three pages. You can present your skills, contacts, achievements or cover letter. In addition, this template is easy to edit. Moreover, Feminine Chic includes many icons and you can use them to decorate a resume. And if you like this template then do not hesitate and download it to boost your employment chances

In addition, you can find there manuals and guides for beginners like 15 Steps How to Become a Stock Photographer in 2019 or How To Use Calendar Template As Effective Marketing Tool