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(Image credit: NASA)

New NASA logo indicates “the woman on the moon”

As you know, the space agency is very keen about the logo design. In honour of the first American women on the moon, NASA has highlighted women on the new logo. NASA has announced this latest news on 23rd October 2019. The artwork symbolizes its Artemis program of sending the first human being to the moon. According to the Greek Myths, Artemis is the goddess of the moon and the twin sister of Apollo.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has stated that the Artemis logo looks like a modern version of the Apollo logo in the part of the panel at NASA headquarters in Washington. Further, he has said that the logo has come from the inspiration. And it looks like humans are leaving earth and go to the moon. Besides, he has mentioned that Apollo is not the goddess of the moon, and they have decided to create a new image of the moon with the Artemis.

nasa logo the woman on the moon

(Image credit: NASA)

The new logo is modernized and simple, which indicates the Artemis face. So that all women can notice the reflection of themselves in it. Moreover, NASA has designed a set of logos with different colour schemes which suits for both Mobile and Desktop. For More info:

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