Start a website

Become your own boss – Earn money online easily by creating a Website

Start a website these days very easy,

First, you can simply select a website builder platform for your business.

Then higher a website developer from It’s just 5$ to 100$.

You can follow some instruction given bellow.

Internet money is one of the famous money making method these days. Try to become your own boss by creating a Website by yourself. It’s really simple. I have created for beginners to learn on how to create a website without having a knowledge in HTML/CSS. This will help you to fast track your website building and become your own boss with a short period of time.

This is how Bill Gates sees this on the internet. “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business…”

Have you wasted your time reading long articles on how to create a website?

This is the time now. I will show you how to create an attractive responsive website in a short time and will show you how to become your own boss within a short period of time.

Here I am going to explain how most web developers are building their sites and how you can avoid those expensive methods to create your website.

The main concern should be the BRAND NAME of your website. Millions of viewers on the internet will visit your website if you have a unique Brand Name and you could make million dollars if you ranked up with your unique brand.

How to start website

How to choose the best website Builder for small business

Think once, twice and thrice and decide why you need a website to become your own boss?

  • Gain credibility for your business
  • Saves your money in the long run
  • Rank your website to be listed in google search
  • Target a wider audience on the internet
  • You can control your website since you are the owner
  • Try to monetize and earn money in many ways like Affiliate Marketing. Sponsor Adds, Sell your products, Accept donations, Sell advertising spaces and much and more…

How to start website

How to find best freelancers for your business

I will ensure that I can make your life more comfortable if you follow me and my methods. I am going to teach you one by one in a simple way to become your own boss by creating a website or a blog.

As a point, I would say that I have done many mistakes when I started this since lack of knowledge. But I am going to mention these mistakes in order to avoid you doing the same mistakes when you step into this and will try my best to update with each and every aspects that you need to concern when you creating a website.

How to start website

Best tools you need to succeed at every level