A few years ago when I started learning Photoshop most of the time I searched on the internet and YouTube on how to learn Photoshop and was looking about Photoshop tricks and effects.

I have found much more videos and much more channels on YouTube. These days learning Photoshop is very much easier because there are plenty of available Medias.

Here I’m suggesting you some of my favorite & the best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube channels I personally follow. You can basically subscribe to those channels and follow them free. There are many Photoshop tutorials available in those channels and you can go as per your interest.

Mostly I do recommend you to watch if you are a beginner to Phlearn, Piximperfect, bluelight tv and tutvid there are amazing videos to improve your skills.

If you are a beginner to Photoshop try to start from scratch. You can find articles and videos to get the kick off the start. I am sure that you can learn 90% of the tricks and methods available in Photoshop through the internet.

Here are the best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube in 2020

I am providing 10 links of YouTube channels in this article to give you the basics depending on the contents. You can go through them to get an idea and I do highly recommend you to subscribe to those channels to get basic updates.


phlearn best Photoshop tutorials YouTube channels

PHLEARN is one of my best YouTube channel for studying Photoshop.
They create fun and engaging Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography tutorials for creative in all phases of their career. It will teach you everything about Photoshop like changing hair color, adding text,3D text,adding photo in text, Photoshop metadata, pixel effect and almost everything.

Phlearn founder is Aaron Nace
Total subscribers in 2020 : 1.83 M subscribers


Another best YouTube channel’s I watched. There are videos to learn basic concepts. PiXimperfect is a free resource to learn Photoshop and Lightroom and they learn the concepts, more than learning the steps. The Piximperfect founder is Unmesh Dinda he is teaching Photoshop very friendly and does there tutorial very well and easy to understand for a beginner

The Piximperfect founder is Unmesh Dinda
Total subscribers in 2020: 1.84M  subscribers


tutvid best Photoshop tutorials YouTube channels

One of the most popular a channel is Tutvid founder of Nathaniel Dodson. Tutvid has been around 2006 as well. He is devoted his channel to help a variety of creators in Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, and much more graphic designing software. This is one of my best creative and more active youtube channel you can visit. I appreciate his unique side of educating and teaching skills.

Fonder is Nathaniel Dodson
Total subscribers in 2020: 994K subscribers

04.Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

Blue Light TV Photoshop

Marty Geller is the Founder of Blue Lightning TV. Blue Lightning TV Photoshop has been around 2011 as well.He has had a long career providing on-air and print work for the television and entertainment industries. Blue light TV teach you advance Photoshop tutorials. He describes as very slowly and carefully explained tutorials on a variety of general effects.

Blue Lightning TV Photoshop is Marty Geller
Total subscribers in 2020: 827K  subscribers

05.Adobe Photoshop

Learn adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop also has their own YouTube channel. The official Adobe Photoshop YouTube channel provides all kinds of Photoshop tutorials from beginners to professionals. If nothing suits you best, then why not try the official channels from the software creators itself. There are very small video but very valuable and new features included there videos.

Official Adobe
Total subscribers in 2020: 535K subscribers

06.Photoshop Training Channel

best Photoshop tutorials YouTube channels

Photoshop Training Channel founder is Daniel White. He trains photoshop even more than you think. You can find everything from this channel that you need in your photoshop design. This Channel provides photoshop tutorial which can be understood very easily. In this channel, You can watch Photoshop basic Tutorials, photo manipulation, retouching, text effects, photoshop portrait tutorials for beginners and much more.

Founder: Daniel White,
Total subscribers in 2020: 973K  subscribers

07.PSD Box Official

PSD Box Official youtube channel is fast growing one among the best youtube channels. He mainly teaches photoshop image manipulation tutorials and portrait tutorials for beginners. If you love to make image manipulation in photoshop this is one of the best a channel I can recommend.

Founder: Andrei Oprinca
Total subscribers in 2020: 263K subscribers

08. Michael Woloszynowicz

Michael Woloszynowicz

Michael Woloszynowicz is the founder of Vibrantshot and one of the best retouches I have ever seen. He has created High-End retouching videos his youtube channel. You can watch Dodging and Burning, High Pass Sharpening, frequency separation videos this channel. There are a few videos but I recommend to watch his videos. You can get amazing creative photoshop tips from his Michael Woloszynowicz youtube video channel.

Founder: Michael Woloszynowicz
Total subscribers in 2020: 123K subscribers

09.Irene Rudnyk

Irene Rudnyk

Founder: Irene Rudnyk
Irene Rudnyk is a professional photographer from Calgary, Canada. She is creating photography and also how to edit her images by using photoshop. Irene Raduyk is the one of best my photoshop and photography learning youtube channel and she makes videos such as skin retouching, Dodging and Burning, editing her photoshoot images and photo shoot ideas. Those who like to know how to edit photoshoot images in photoshop I suggest you to watch these video tutorials.

Fonder: Irene Rudnyk
Total subscribers in 2020: 608K subscribers

10.Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects

Photoshop Tutorials Photo effects

Dhruval is the founder of Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects he teaches his youtube channel photoshop effect, photoshop portrait tutorials, Image manipulation, retouching, and text effect if you love to learn photoshop effect this is the channel you need to watch.

Fonder: –Dhruval
Total subscribers in 2020: 481K subscribers

Here I have mentioned best top 10 my favorite Best YouTube Channels to Learn Photoshop. 

Now I’ did like to hear from you?

There are thousands of channels and millions of videos available on the internet apart from these. 

Which Photoshop YouTube channel from to day’s post are you going to watch first?.

Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favourite Photoshop YouTube channels?.

Either way, Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.