Most of the peoples search on the internet. Which website builder is easiest to use? In this article, I am going to teach you regarding the best website builder for a small business. Think now. Are you willing to create a website for you? Don’t you have any HTML/PHP knowledge and JAVA skills in creating a website? Doesn’t matter. There are so many website builders available to create your website. They are very simple. What you have to do is, just Drag & Drop your contents, images, logos, and videos.
Initially, you have to consider a few things before selecting the best website builder for your small business. What are those? Will consider them one by one. You will get a better understanding of the website builder -2020.

  1. Should be simple, user-friendly and easy to use
  2. Website design requirement
  3. Images editing ability
  4. Regularly published Quick updating Sharing contents
  5. Form builder ability
  6. Search Engine Optimization option

If you are totally new to a business or you are trying to grow up your business, it is always better to launch a website and brand you online.
Now it’s time to learn about the best website builder for a small business.
Before selecting the best we should ask a question from our selves.

Which website builder is best for small business?

Here I am going to explain about 7 main and most popular website builders available in the market. After reviewing them all, you can select the best option for you.

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Shopify
  4. Novi
  5. Pixpa
  6. Weebly
  7. Godaddy

Will go through one by one.

Choose your website builder now.

This is the most important moment and most impressive decision you are going to make as the first step in your website dream.


Best Website Builder Small Business WordPress

According to the stats, 26% of the web runs on WordPress. WordPress Search in Google Gets You can 603,000,000 Results. World’s most popular website builder is known as WordPress so far. Since this is a free website builder, this has become very popular among website seekers. This is open source and most web hosting platforms are ready to use WordPress as the website building software. For example, Bluehost has one-click install on WordPress


Best Website Builder Small Business


Best Website Builder for Small Business Wix

As mentioned above Wix is a bit expensive. But it can be the best website builder for landing pages, traveling stores, Photography and many. It has about 500+ free inbuilt designs which you can select. Since you do not need to have any HTML, PHP knowledge, will help you to create a perfect website by drag and drop elements like photo carousels, animations, video gallery and contents with different font styles according to your dream site.
Also, there are so many add-ons available with wix which will help you to add more features to your website.


Best Website Builder Small Business


Best Website Builder Small Business Shopify

If your dream website is an e-commerce site, Shopify should be the best solution for you. Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can design your website according to the e-commerce workflow. Nothing to worry about anything else. If you are going to create an e-commerce website, do not hesitate to select Shopify as your website builder.

You don’t need to hire a developer, you don’t need to wait for a developer to do any change in site, and you can create and edit your website by yourself. So why don’t you select Shopify as your website builder? 

As previously mentioned, Shopify also has so many themes available and it can make your online experience a fabulous.

You can try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk and no credit card required



Novi Visual Builder is a user-friendly page builder that is suitable both for professional web-developers and amateurs in programming. There are three modes that it provides users with – a design mode, edit mode, and preview mode.

A design mode is perfect for web-developers who have been working with code for a long period of time. If you are experienced in programming, it is your best choice.

An edit mode is intended to help end-users to build a multi-functional and remarkable website. In other words, it provides them with multiple visual tools to take advantage of.

A preview mode allows taking a look at the final result before publishing your online-project on the Internet.


Novi website builder

05. Pixpa

best website builder for small business pixpa

Pixpa is a website builder platform which is used by small businesses mainly to tell about their business in a visually appealing way, to show and sell their products, and to expand their reach online and get found on search engines. A small business can build a professional looking website without any coding knowledge on Pixpa. 

Selling products is also easy through their inbuilt e-commerce platform as well as their e-commerce gallery feature. As small business look to expand their user base, they can use Pixpa’s email and social media marketing integration. 

Also, the websites can make use of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features to get found on search engines. Content on pages and blogs are added through content blocks which can be customized as per the need through their drag and drop feature.



Best Website Builder Small Business Weebly

This is also an e-commerce website builder tool for entrepreneurs. Weebly is a hosted website building platform where you can easily create a website by drag and drop the elements as earlier once. Weebly also has thousands of predefined themes which helps you to create your blog or the website for free of charge in a trial period. If you are happy with that, you can either select this to carry on by paying a monthly fee which ranges from $8 to $50.


website builder for small business weebly


Best Website Builder for Small Business Godaddy

When you heard the name “Godaddy” itself you might think that this is not a website builder. Because we know Godaddy as a domain search registrar. But it’s not limited to domain search. In 2017 Godaddy has launched their website builder and this has been identified as the most speedy and simplest website builder.


Best Website Builder Small Business

My conclusion best website platform for small business 2019.

My job is done. I have briefly explained about 7 mostly used website builders in a nutshell. Now you have to browse and see the pros and cons among them and select the best website builder for small business. Get the correct and perfect decision since this is going to be the basement of your dream site.

If I summarize, for a landing page business profile I can recommend either WordPress or Novi. But if you are targeting for an e-commerce site or dropshipping websites think and search about Shopify.
You can find about hundreds of website builders on the internet. But do not go for them. Always try to select the best and most popular website builder for small business.

If you are already having a website building experience, your comments and feelings are always welcome.
Hang with my next blog article to know something about “How to become your own boss by making your own website”