How to Choose the best website platforms for small business -2020

How to Choose the best website platforms for small business -2020

Most of the peoples search on the internet. Which website builder is easiest to use? In this article, I am going to teach you regarding the best website builder for a small business. Think now. Are you willing to create a website for you? Don’t you have any HTML/PHP knowledge and JAVA skills in creating a website? Doesn’t matter. There are so many website builders available to create your website. They are very simple. What you have to do is, just Drag & Drop your contents, images, logos, and videos.
Initially, you have to consider a few things before selecting the best website builder for your small business. What are those? Will consider them one by one. You will get a better understanding of the website builder -2020.

  1. Should be simple, user-friendly and easy to use
  2. Website design requirement
  3. Images editing ability
  4. Regularly published Quick updating Sharing contents
  5. Form builder ability
  6. Search Engine Optimization option

If you are totally new to a business or you are trying to grow up your business, it is always better to launch a website and brand you online.
Now it’s time to learn about the best website builder for a small business.
Before selecting the best we should ask a question from our selves.

Which website builder is best for small business?

Here I am going to explain about 7 main and most popular website builders available in the market. After reviewing them all, you can select the best option for you.

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Shopify
  4. Novi
  5. Pixpa
  6. Weebly
  7. Godaddy

Will go through one by one.

Choose your website builder now.

This is the most important moment and most impressive decision you are going to make as the first step in your website dream.


Best Website Builder Small Business WordPress

According to the stats, 26% of the web runs on WordPress. WordPress Search in Google Gets You can 603,000,000 Results. World’s most popular website builder is known as WordPress so far. Since this is a free website builder, this has become very popular among website seekers. This is open source and most web hosting platforms are ready to use WordPress as the website building software. For example, Bluehost has one-click install on WordPress


Best Website Builder Small Business


Best Website Builder for Small Business Wix

As mentioned above Wix is a bit expensive. But it can be the best website builder for landing pages, traveling stores, Photography and many. It has about 500+ free inbuilt designs which you can select. Since you do not need to have any HTML, PHP knowledge, will help you to create a perfect website by drag and drop elements like photo carousels, animations, video gallery and contents with different font styles according to your dream site.
Also, there are so many add-ons available with wix which will help you to add more features to your website.


Best Website Builder Small Business


Best Website Builder Small Business Shopify

If your dream website is an e-commerce site, Shopify should be the best solution for you. Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can design your website according to the e-commerce workflow. Nothing to worry about anything else. If you are going to create an e-commerce website, do not hesitate to select Shopify as your website builder.

You don’t need to hire a developer, you don’t need to wait for a developer to do any change in site, and you can create and edit your website by yourself. So why don’t you select Shopify as your website builder? 

As previously mentioned, Shopify also has so many themes available and it can make your online experience a fabulous.

You can try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk and no credit card required



Novi Visual Builder is a user-friendly page builder that is suitable both for professional web-developers and amateurs in programming. There are three modes that it provides users with – a design mode, edit mode, and preview mode.

A design mode is perfect for web-developers who have been working with code for a long period of time. If you are experienced in programming, it is your best choice.

An edit mode is intended to help end-users to build a multi-functional and remarkable website. In other words, it provides them with multiple visual tools to take advantage of.

A preview mode allows taking a look at the final result before publishing your online-project on the Internet.


Novi website builder

05. Pixpa

best website builder for small business pixpa

Pixpa is a website builder platform which is used by small businesses mainly to tell about their business in a visually appealing way, to show and sell their products, and to expand their reach online and get found on search engines. A small business can build a professional looking website without any coding knowledge on Pixpa. 

Selling products is also easy through their inbuilt e-commerce platform as well as their e-commerce gallery feature. As small business look to expand their user base, they can use Pixpa’s email and social media marketing integration. 

Also, the websites can make use of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features to get found on search engines. Content on pages and blogs are added through content blocks which can be customized as per the need through their drag and drop feature.



Best Website Builder Small Business Weebly

This is also an e-commerce website builder tool for entrepreneurs. Weebly is a hosted website building platform where you can easily create a website by drag and drop the elements as earlier once. Weebly also has thousands of predefined themes which helps you to create your blog or the website for free of charge in a trial period. If you are happy with that, you can either select this to carry on by paying a monthly fee which ranges from $8 to $50.


website builder for small business weebly


Best Website Builder for Small Business Godaddy

When you heard the name “Godaddy” itself you might think that this is not a website builder. Because we know Godaddy as a domain search registrar. But it’s not limited to domain search. In 2017 Godaddy has launched their website builder and this has been identified as the most speedy and simplest website builder.


Best Website Builder Small Business

My conclusion best website platform for small business 2019.

My job is done. I have briefly explained about 7 mostly used website builders in a nutshell. Now you have to browse and see the pros and cons among them and select the best website builder for small business. Get the correct and perfect decision since this is going to be the basement of your dream site.

If I summarize, for a landing page business profile I can recommend either WordPress or Novi. But if you are targeting for an e-commerce site or dropshipping websites think and search about Shopify.
You can find about hundreds of website builders on the internet. But do not go for them. Always try to select the best and most popular website builder for small business.

If you are already having a website building experience, your comments and feelings are always welcome.
Hang with my next blog article to know something about “How to become your own boss by making your own website”

15+ Best Graphic Design Websites for Small Businesses

15+ Best Graphic Design Websites for Small Businesses

Every owner of business tries to explore different techniques that are capable of presenting his or her work and personality in the best possible light. Without a doubt, an online-project is considered to be the greatest place to express your individual ideas and depict your innovations. Sometimes each of us needs at least one single drop of inspiration in order to create something special. Then, it becomes possible to create a visual story that will impress your target audience.

I thought that it would be nice to provide you with graphic design websites for small businesses that allow working smarter and faster. Each of us totally understands that it is crucial to be efficient when you run a business. There are so many distractions that can make you forget about important things. They can make you forget about achieving the highest level of productivity.

Today, I want you to focus your attention on the best graphic design websites. I have tried to curate a list of online resources where you can find fonts, icons, business card templates, mockups, stock photos, and patterns. Each of them can help you in making your small business become unique and remarkable. So, let me try to describe these websites in a few words…


01. Fonts by TemplateMonster

graphic design website templatemonster

It may take you a lot of time to choose the most appropriate font. In order not to make a mistake in such an important step, pay your attention to this rich collection of individual fonts and fonts bundles. It includes a wide selection of TTF (true type fonts) and OTF (OpenType Fonts) carefully-crafted for multiple projects. As you can understand, there is no limit to your artistic thoughts thanks to these creative fonts. 

They will also surprise you with various alternate characters that will make your textual content stand out from the crowd. In addition to this, some fonts include ligatures. You should also keep in mind that it is absolutely possible to get different language versions. Make your business cards, online-projects, posters, invitations, and many other items become unforgettable thanks to these elegant and modern fonts.

02. Bullet Journal Fonts on MasterBundles

best graphic design website masterbundles

Are you interested in making your bullet journal become more expressive? Do you want it to become a strong tool that consists of your best ideas, messages, and mood? In this case, you should get familiar with this selection of the most eye-catching bullet journal fonts that will add emotions to your writing. You will get a chance to choose from various types of fonts that are presented on this graphic design website for small businesses. 

Vintage fonts, calligraphic fonts, handwritten fonts, and many other items are already waiting for you in this post. You are free to keep your bullet journal in all styles your soul wants. One group of people can keep it quite simple, while others can easily add some special tricks using some unusual fonts. As a result, you will never face such a problem as a creativity crisis. When you possess such a big number of modern and pleasant fonts, you will always have more and more ideas to write down.

03. Google Fonts

google fonts for websites

How do you think? What is the best way to bring personality to websites and products? The creators of Google Fonts believe that everything can be done thanks to original and eye-catching fonts. They work with designers from all over the world that produce first-class fonts for every project you can think about. For this reason, get ready to explore one of the biggest collections of fonts where you will certainly find something to your taste. 

People are able to test different fonts in more than 135 languages. Thanks to this extensive catalog, every single person is ready to share and integrate typography into all possible online-projects without applying any efforts. By the way, you can also create your highly-customized collections of fonts. Just filter families, weights, and scripts. You are free to share these collections with others.


01.Iconsets by TemplateMonster

professional business icons template monster

Without a doubt, icons are those elements that always manage to ensure interactiveness. They also make the website interface become more intuitive and understandable for its visitors. If you also want to illustrate something and simplify the connection of users with the content, make certain to take a look at this vast collection. They ensure you will be absolutely ready to stand out from the online competition. It is possible to choose from both vector icon sets and flat icon sets. 

If you are interested in highlighting your social activity on the Internet, you can also grab different social icons sets. As you can understand, your possibilities are endless. Such a tiny detail as the icon is capable of giving your small business website a stylish and professional look. Yet, it is possible to include them not only in digital but also in printed projects.

02. Flaticon

graphic design websites flaticon

Flaticon is one of the best graphic design websites that provide users with marvelous icons. In general, there are 1879500 vector icons that are grouped in 39565 packs. The number sounds really impressive. It is possible to edit all the icons according to your taste. This website gives the opportunity to edit their sizes, positions, and colors until you find the most appropriate style. You can get these icons in different formats. They include PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, Base 64, and Icon font. 

The directory is also updated on a regular basis. The team produces over 6,000 icons every month. Furthermore, every person has a chance to manage their collections. To cut a long story short, it does not matter what kind of project you want to manage. It can be a business presentation, app, website, infographics, catalogs, and so on and so forth.

03. Iconfinder

Iconfinder is a high-quality resource that provides millions of creative professionals with a large number of icons. You will be provided with an easy-to-use icon editor that does not require using any software. It is possible to customize icons for your projects without having lots of programming knowledge. Change colors, add text, and remove unnecessary elements. 

All premium icons are available in vector formats (as an example, in SVG, AI, and CSH). In other words, you can scale them to any size you need. It is also crucial to say that the license allows using icons in commercial websites, printed material, applications, software, and so on and so forth. There are also no problems in terms of using them for client work. You will not need to have any additional agreements.

Business Cards Designs

01.Free Business Card Templates

business card design free psprint

This amazing graphic design website for small businesses allows creating reputable and effective business cards. There is no need to say that your business card is considered to be a great marketing tool. Thanks to it, you can easily make a good first impression on your potential clients. You are free to choose from hundreds of easy-to-personalize variants that are available in various styles, themes, shapes, and colors. Each of them comes in several shapes. 

As an example, you can opt for business cards with rounded, leaf-shaped, and one-round corners. All you need to do is to customize the chosen business card, add your text, work with colors and fonts, and place your order. Everything is considered to be extremely easy. Moreover, you will always find something that matches your brand and reflects your industry.

02. Business Cards by TemplateMonster

business cards templatemonster graphic site

If you are looking for a set of pre-designed objects that can determine the style of your company, make certain to look through these wonderful templates. It will take you absolutely nothing to convert the chosen variant into something that reflects your corporate work. Just a little bit of the customization work that includes the replacement of company names, colors, fonts, and other components. 

Have you entered the world of business recently? Do you have a limited budget? Do not worry. These corporate identity templates enable you to get your corporate style with low-price savings. You can also pay your attention to different identity packages that include even more than a simple business card. They come together with the following items – logo, standard letterhead, envelopes, and business card layouts. Determine the style of your company thanks to these original templates

03. Free Business Card Maker by Canva

best graphic design website canva

Get the desired look of your business card without any hassle. You can choose from thousands of pre-designed templates that are created by professional and skilled web-designers. Each of them has its unique style. Thanks to them, it will take you nothing to make your unique custom cards. Then, you just need to add your details and get amazing results in a few clicks. 

This can be done in a drag-and-drop builder that does not require any previous design experience from you. It does not matter what business you are in, you always have a great choice of templates and make your business become widely-recognized. Moreover, you will have a chance to take advantage of various free images, icons, and illustrations. As a result, your business card will be what people will remember you by.


01.Mockups by TemplateMonster

templatemonster best graphic design websites

Probably, you are familiar with such a thing as mockups. It is a product layout on which the author puts the created design. The collection of pre-made mockups included on one of the best graphic design websites called TemplateMonster. You will find different attention-grabbing variants that will certainly satisfy your taste.There are so many items that you can your attention to. Choose from minimalist variants to futuristic ones. It will be completely easy to create an excellent presentation for all possible web-products. The results will look as realistic as possible. There will be no difference between the presentation and the real product. You will get fully-editable files that can be edited in various aspects. Change colors, backgrounds, texts, smart objects, and many other elements. You will not face any problems connected with demonstrating your branding ideas.

02. Mockups Design

graphic design inspiration sites mockups design

Mockups Design is a helpful website where designers from all over the world can find tons of mockups for their projects. The team tries to make the visualization as best as it can be. For this reason, each of them will be quite useful in your work. There are not so many instruments that you should possess in order to get the most eye-catching mockups. You just need to have a software for unzipping packed files, basic skills in Adobe Photoshop, and the latest version of this tool. Change background colors, work with smart objects, and customize your mockup as your soul wants. Sound as one of the simplest things that you have ever done. In general, you will find leaflets, flyers, business cards, brochures, packaging, and many other types of mockups on the website.

Stock Photos

01.Stock Photos in ONE Subscription

Are you looking for beautiful stock photos? In this case, you should visit ONE web-development kit that will provide you with high-resolution images for all possible online-projects. On the website, you are going to find 1093075 free photos that you can choose from. As you can understand, you will find lots of pictures that cover the most popular topics. The collection is constantly updated which means that you will always have even more variants to include in your next website. You will save not only your money. You will save your time and energy that can be easily spent on browsing dozens of resources in the search for the most wonderful photos. ONE by TemplateMonster is ready to impress you with lots of right products that you will find expressive and remarkable.

02. Stock Photos on Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a leading global provider of first-class images, videos, and music. It can be called a stunning graphic design both for small and big businesses. These materials are capable of inspiring graphic designers, video editors, web-developers, creative directors, and filmmakers to create something special. Actually, other professionals who are looking for different ways to promote their businesses, media organizations, and marketing agencies can also pay their attention to this resource. Lots of content creators contribute their work to this website. In addition to this, lots of users have a chance to buy and use images in a great number of personal and business projects. You will be empowered to impress your core audience and make them agape with wonder

03. Patterns

Patterns graphic websites

Make sure to get familiar with this ever-growing collection of graphic patterns. If you are looking for a high-quality background for your online-project, this website is the first place where you should look. Each pattern is considered to be an easily-editable one. You just need to have appropriate software as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This means that you can easily change color schemes, add layers, and alter the design that will match your vision. It does not matter what kind of the digital or printed project you have in mind. You will definitely find something that will match your vision and make your project stand out from the crowd.

Unlimited Graphic Design Elements

01. ONE Subscription by TemplateMonster

An ultimate subscription service that allows getting even more than you can expect. It allows obtaining all the necessary high-quality products at once. Before, you would need to purchase each of them separately. The products provided by this subscription service include best-selling themes, templates, plugins, graphic elements, and so on and so forth. All the well-known WordPress themes, Joomla templates, Shopify themes, Elementor templates, JetPlugins, and many other digital items are already waiting for you. You can also take advantage of various services that include server maintenance, template installation, customization, and speed optimization. By the way, if you have some problems with, for example, web-designer WordPress themes, you can also get in touch with a professional support team. Furthermore, you should know that the number of products is growing every single day. All of these products are available for $19 per month (in other words, $229 per year).

Sum Up

From now on, it is absolutely possible to create a competent and high-earning presentation of your small business. Avoid all the hassle and make sure to grab at least a few tools from the mentioned above. Their combination will allow you to create something creative and make the best decision in terms of the design. I hope that you have found something to your liking. Thanks for reading!

Best free alternatives for Photoshop – review

Best free alternatives for Photoshop – review

It is often misunderstood that there are no real best free alternatives for Photoshop software. Over the years, Photoshop has become a compelling brand that, like Google, it has converted to a verb “to Photoshop” is shortened for editing an image. 

This has built up the perception that no other software or app available to compete with Photoshop. I think those are the main reason why most people do not look further for their image editing requirements.

It is common knowledge that Photoshop is one of the most expensive and complicated software when it comes to Photo editing applications. In reality, there are several free alternatives to Photoshop, which most of you haven’t tried. 

A free photo editing software has the ability to transform your snaps from “OK” to “Fascinating.” The problem is, there are a large number of programs are available, and it’s often hard to know which suits best according to your requirement.

How to find free software like Photoshop?

alternatives to photoshop

That is why we MyGraphicSite team spent hours putting a huge variety of photo editors to test and picked out the best free alternatives to Photoshop which can be used by a user with a minimum level of experience. 

You can use these free software like Photoshop. These options which we recommend are just as powerful and can produce similar professional results with no cost involved at all.

Today, we will introduce you 10 such free online Photoshop alternatives which you can use for your graphic designing requirements.

01. GIMP

gimp photoshop

GIMP is my favorite and one of the best free photo editing software which is more suitable for photographers and editors who are yet to see any financial returns on their photography. GIMP does not have any licensing fee or a monthly fee. GIMP even provide their updates free of charge.

Since most ordinary photo editors and small scale business entrepreneurs use old laptops and desktop machines, vast applications such as Photoshop would affect the space and speed of workflow. Since GIMP is a small program, it saves space and makes your workflow much faster.

Another benefit of GIMP is its superiority in batch processing images. GIMP software let you do repeatable actions to large groups of images. This alone is a considerable reason to use GIMP.

02. Photopea

Photopea best free alternative to photoshop is commonly referred to as the Photoshop clone that runs in a cloud web browser. The similarities which Photopea has with Photoshop go beyond aesthetics. For someone who is used to using Photoshop, Photopea will definitely make you feel right at home. Photopea has the same essential tools and the same workspace layout of Photoshop.


Photopea supports most of the essential file formats such as JPG and GIF to actual PSD files. Besides, Photopea also supports layers which enable you to do certain complex editing in the app if needed. Other common Photoshop features such as layer masks, blend modes, brushes, selections, and much, much more are included in Photopea.

The best thing about Photopea, when compared to Adobe’s Photoshop, is, it’s provided free.

03. Inkscape

free software like photoshop inkscape

Inkscape is the most popular free and open-source vector graphics editing program. This software is used to create or edit vector graphics such as illustrations, diagrams, line arts, charts, logos, and complex paintings. Since Inkscape is a cross-platform vector editing program, it has the ability to run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions.

The development of the Inkscape program is open and community-oriented, which means it adheres to open source standards. Users of Inkscape are allowed to use and distribute it free of charge as well as peek into its source code and develop it further.

04. Pixlr Editor

free alternative to Photoshop Pixlr Editor

Pixlr is a free online photo editor which is often compared to Adobe Photoshop. The main reason for this comparison is, experts of the photo editing field often states that Pixlr does many of the same features and has many of the same appearances as Adobe Photoshop. The main factor differentiating the two programs is the simplicity of Pixlr over Adobe. Another essential factor to consider is that Pixlr is a free online software which makes it easy for the users to access who aren’t willing to spend money on small scale projects.

05. Canva

canva best free alternative to photoshop

Canva is a simple graphic design tool website. Even though Canva is not the best free alternative to Photoshop due to its very limited photo editing options, Canva is a perfect design platform that enables users to create amazing and professional quality graphic designs. Canva is one of the best graphic design tools where it offers an array of influential features, with a simple drag-and-drop design tool and a vast collection of over 1 million photographs. Canvas user-friendly, reliable design tools make it easy even for a user with no designing experience to convert an idea into a stunning design.

06. SumoPaint

SumoPaint is one of our best picks when it comes to Photoshop alternatives. For users with Photoshop experience, Sumopaint will look very similar due to the interface and dashboard similarities. In addition to the external similarities, there are similarities in functionality too.

Even though SumoPaint shows a similar resemblance to Photoshop, we would not recommend SumoPaint for very complicated projects as its file support is somewhat limited and does not include Photoshop’s default PSD format. The application can only open and save files with common image extensions such as GIF, JPEG, PNG and SumoPaint’s own extension called SUMO format.

07. Design Wizard

design wizard best free alternatives to photoshop

Like Canva, Design Wizard to does not fulfill the photo editing aspect of Photoshop. Design Wizard is a graphic designing tool with minimal photo editing options. Design Wizard can be used to create high-quality visual content with least time and effort. Design Wizard has thousands of templates with over a million images to support the users to create personalized designs to suit their needs.

This tool will be really important for SEO specialists, social media marketers and anyone who is creating designs to publish through social media.

08. BeFunky

free alternatives to photoshop befunky

BeFunky’s is also an Original Platform which has everything you want to effortlessly edit photos, create graphic designs, and make photo collages. This is used by graphic artists, designers, and photographers. Also, this software is can develop and manipulate images to improve their overall appearance. BeFunky is an outstanding tool that makes photo editing easy.

09. Fotor

photoshop alternatives mac fotor

Fotor also a licensing platform where professional photographers can monetize on their shots. Up to 10 totally customizable ‘Edit’ functions, Fotor photo editor allows all forms of editing, from minute ‘touch-ups’ to wide images changes. Fotor software has weekly updated stickers, borders for pictures, photo stitch, photo frames, photo filters, and fonts will ensure a new design for every day of the week.

10. Crello

Crello is a complete solution for designing visuals without previous experience. Sometimes, if you are not good at designing visuals, you possibly leave the tasks to designers. However, Crello benefits in order to create images for blogs, websites, social media and print materials with a few clicks and adjustments.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements assist you in edit files and make collages from your device, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Photos. Collage gives you elasticity and control by including border size, color, and pan and zoom in order to edit your college. You can find the Adobe Photoshop express on iOS, Android, and the Windows Microsoft Store.

After our thorough examination and testing of so many free photo designing applications, we presented you the 10 best free alternatives to Photoshop , which can be used based on your different requirements. You must have already tried some of the applications, and you might have got some insight on what applications to use to fulfill your designing requirements in the future.

You might have also used some fantastic applications which we have not reviewed in the above online graphic design software.

Please feel free to share your ideas. If you know such applications which can be an excellent alternative for Photoshop. Please leave a comment below or contact our team, so we can review them in the future and reveal some more useful information to our loving readers.

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Graphic designers: a major requirement to take your small business one step high

Graphic designers: a major requirement to take your small business one step high

Have you ever wonder how to grow your small business by using graphic design service?

Here at MyGraphicSite we frequently talk about Graphic Design for small business. They are an essential part of all business. And we couldn’t stress it more.

I think if you want to improve your business you need to understand the importance of graphic design for small business.

The aim of graphic design is to produce visual information to a target audience. And in business, the information that you give away is the key to promote your business.

But it is more than just conveying a message. It is aesthetic. It should definitely be creative and catchy and it should have the ability to create a long-lasting image in the mind of the people who see that.

And here we will give you details on the importance of graphic design in small business, and the available graphic design packages for small business in the market.

So basically, this is the ultimate article on graphic design for small business owners.

Importance of graphic design in business

So, if you have a small business, you do not plan to keep it on the same scale, are you? What are the strategies you plan to implement, to take your business one step up?

Does any of those including marketing?

Well, effective marketing in that case?

The importance of graphic design in business does not only apply to large scale ones. There are instances where we have to make logos and brochures and websites and at moments as such it is very important that you have the skill and knowledge to make it perfect.

Most of the marketing strategies lie with the graphic design skills you employ.

The designs of your business should be impressive, attractive and memorable. Graphic design is important to create effective communication.

And there is an increasing amount of small businesses entering the market. Graphic design is one major aspect that helps you deal with the competition.

How to find a graphic designer?

Actually look there are plenty of graphic design services for small business in the market today.

Also, there are head-hunters that could help you with finding the best graphic designer for small business. Or you could get one of those graphic design packages for small business.

Before anything here are some tips for you to follow when hiring a graphic designer.

Actually look there are plenty of graphic design services for small business in the market today. Also, there are head-hunters that could help you with finding the best graphic designer for small business. Or you could get one of those graphic design packages for small business. Before anything here are some tips for you to follow when hiring a graphic designer.

  1. You should understand your market and your competitors too. To give a better competition you should know what your business will be facing.
  2. Understand your audience. If your business is aimed for young people, your designs have to specially target them. You cannot expect the younger ones to give their time to boring things. Knowing your audience is the key to success.
  3. Get a general idea on what you want from the graphic designer. Well, a designer can design whatever you ask him to. But you should know what outputs you need. When you cannot say what you want to accomplish, the designer will have to make it according to his imagination and consequences will be difficult.
  4. Research about the graphic designers you are going to hire! Better take a look at their previous work and evaluate it. Just to be sure that they know how to do the task you need to get done.
  5. Pick the flexible ones. The design should be what you expect it to be. And to achieve that the designer should be flexible to handle different design items. Also, when the designer has talent in designing brochures as well as logos, you get all your requirements done!!

Few top-notch freelance graphic design service providers

So, with all that you must be wondering about how to get the perfect graphic design service for your small business. Well, given below are details about a few graphic designing services that are popular in the field. is a freelance service provider in graphic designing. There are a few important reasons that you might need to get your work done with Fiverr. The major reason is that you get work done fast, completely as you wish, and with confidence. The service is completely worth the money. They have a fixed price and assure your satisfaction with the design before paying.
You can get a variety of graphic designing services with them. They design anything from a logo to flyers to books and album covers. They do illustrations and business card design as well. And if you were having trouble setting up your website, worry no more! They will do it for you!
Fiverr small business service

All in a very creative way indeed!

Then If you plan on getting service from Fiverr it is not very hard. You can use the Fiverr search and side filters to find the perfect freelancer. And when you find a service you would like, click on the gig. Fiverr has a section with work samples and feedback for each freelancer. So, a little research will pay off.

Fiverr ranks its sellers in levels and there are badges in the profiles so it doesn’t take much time for you to clarify it. Actually there are three levels; level one, level two and top-rated seller. Level one is the newbie, and the top-rated is the elite members.

There is a different page on the Fiverr website for you to higher pros. The pro profiles are given in this page. You can easily select your pro seller to get your work done in exclusively talented hands.

Pro Seller Service

fiverr pro seller

For all the services they offer, they have pros to do it too. Only 1% of applicants of the freelancers reach the pro level. With Fiverr pro, you get 24/7 VIP support and 100% quality assurance. The pro team has been with trusted by top-tier brands, and have major professional experience in the field.
With Fiverr, you will be able to give your business the essence of graphic designing. They have been in the business with major business brands. The logos they designed are well-known. I think if you want to give your business a highlighting look Fiverr is all you need.

99design is a global design platform that helps you hire talented professionals. You get to pick your favourite designer in a bunch of highly talented personalities. They have options to get your design done in order to ensure that you get a bigger customer experience.

99design Graphic Design for small business

They have design services for logo designing, website designing, arts, and illustration designing and Business and advertising. Well, almost all the categories are covered by their range of services.
To hire you to get two options you can directly select the seller by looking onto their profiles. Or else, you can invite their community to submit their designs to your project. With that, you get to select the best out of a variety.
99design How to find a graphic designer

The small business logo and identity offers starts from $300 to $599. Their offer for logo and hosted website designing is the best for small businesses. It will roughly cost about $599. And a sole web page design would also take about $599.

99design will not only help you get your designs done. It will be the one that offers your business the uniqueness that it deserves. A unique business design is an exceptional requirement and you are most likely to get it with 99design.

The most important asset in a design is the images and icons that you choose. They are the ones that are going to speak for you. Most of the people pay attention to the images than the words. So, your choice will decide whether you rise or fall.

Templatemonster offers Graphic Design for business

Understanding this, Templatemonster offers you a massive collection of templates to select with. So, with them, you will be able to pick easily and creatively. You can find all the graphic design template requirements. They have templates for PowerPoint, keynotes, certificates, illustrations, and resumes. 

With a site like this, you get to pick the templates that you actually like which mean you select the best for your business. And as the templates are already made you only have to edit it according to your details. It does not require many skills. So, this way you get to save your money and time spent on freelancers.


graphic design for small business

And Templatemonster offers you 8500+ unlimited downloads best items only $19 for a month. This is like the cheapest of graphic design services you will get ever. And with the fact you get to be your own designer, there is very little to go wrong!

A final word on getting your designers

However if you own a small business you really have to get a professional logo and a webpage. Because a good logo is a must to make people remember you. And people visit your webpage than your business store. People judge your business based on your designs!

Graphic designers should be hired only after doing some research on their work. They should be evaluated according to their past work. And they should be flexible and attentive to the requirements.

Here you can find, The best Upwork Alternatives 2019 12 Other Sites Like Upwork.

In addition, find my other guidelines.The best free online graphic design software for small business & How to find the Best Website Builder for Small Business.

Top 10+ Resume Templates for any occasion

Top 10+ Resume Templates for any occasion

What must have a good design element marketplace?  It must be easy to navigate, provide simple shopping, contain a huge number of design items and most importantly, it has to keep the high quality of products. MasterBundles meets all requirements. Moreover, it has a customer-friendly price policy and you can always find products with discount.

One of the most interesting products you can find are resume templates. They were developed by professional designs and have well-developed layouts, various design, and compact information presentation. You can keep hire managers attention with resume from our marketplace. In addition,  you can provide employers with information fast and pithy. It is important because you have to interest your employer in the first 15 seconds.

Willa Bergstrom Resume Template

Willa Bergstrom

Although we live in the days of the digital progress, nobody’s cancelled the power of a good old CV. If you are looking for a way to impress your potential boss, Willa Bergstrom is exactly what you need! This resume template would be your ready-made solution. There are no special skills needed. You can work with this product easily even if you have never used a template before.

To put it briefly, Willa Bergstrom is super easy-to-edit. You can customize the layouts in accordance with your personal taste or business style. All the design elements are high-quality 100% versatile. You may change them without losing the quality via such essential tools as PS and Microsoft Word.

What will you get inside Willa Bergstrom? The package includes:

  • A4 paper size,
  • IiResume,
  • Cover letter,
  • Readable fonts, etc.

Minimal Style Resume CV Template

Minimal Style Resume CV Template

When you choose a resume template you have to pay attention to your employer attitude to work style. For some companies, you need a creative or bright resume design. Yet, in many cases, especially when it comes to law firms and financial companies, you may find classic and minimalistic resume design more preferable. And if you do need a resume with simple style, then you should check this CV template. Though it has a minimalistic design you can provide an employer with all important information about your working experience, skills, awards and so on.

Professional Resume Template

Professional Resume Template

This resume template was developed by professionals and provides you with many additional design options. It includes two pages in MS Word format, a cover letter template, a pack of fonts, a pack of 60+ social media icons and a beginner guide that include instruction on how to use included packs. In addition, you can edit this template in MS Word. It is eye-catchy, highly informative and fully editable resume template. Moreover, it will be a perfect choice for any resume and suits any type of interview.

Doctor Resume Template

Here is another impressive resume template which is undoubtedly worthy of your attention. This product is extra simple in customization. It has a neat, minimalist style and can be edited up to your taste effortlessly. By tradition, you can do it with the help of Adobe Photoshop and any modern text editor.

In 2019, everything becomes easier. Now, any non-techie can run an excellent website about, for example, their college. Needless to say, to do it, you don’t have to touch a single line of

code. Thanks to such creator-friendly products as education WordPress themes, anyone can do their best in site building. So, why resume creating should be an exception? Click on the details of this calm doctor resume example to see which features it contains!

8 Federal Resume Templates

8 Federal Resume Templatesa

The government has its own requirements for employees. And if you want to work for the government you should start with developing a suitable resume. But where can you find a good example of such cv? On the MasterBundles, of course.  In order to provide you with fully editable and made according to government requirements, we developed a Federal Resume Template Bundle. Moreover, all templates are print-ready and you can fill them with your hand if you need. They come in PDF and email ready format. So do not waste your time and be a perfect employee with the Federal Resume Template Bundle.

5 Downloadable Resume Template

5 Downloadable Resume Templates

If you really care about the digital version of your resume and you want to be sure there will be no problems to download it for others, then you should pay attention to this resume and cv bundle. Creators of this bundle chose the most responsive and easy to edit templates. They are compatible with any OS and look great on all devices. This bundle includes 5 templates. They all are print-ready, have built-in fonts and come in PDF and email ready formats.

Johnson Graphic Designer Resume Template

Johnson Graphic Designer Resume Template

To start with, Michael Johnson is a ready-to-use resume template which was created and styled for graphic designers. In case you are looking for a trendy design, don’t miss this item! The template is fully layered which means you can work with it without effort. What’s even more important, Michael Johnson was made with your would-be-employer in mind. Thus, it already comes with all the necessary details.

What can you see in the pack of this handy graphic designer resume template? By choosing Michael Johnson for your CV, you get:

  • 2-page resume template in A4 paper size files,
  • a stylish cover letter,
  • different paragraph and character styles,
  • 100% printable files, etc.

Student Resume Template

There are many categories of employees and students are one of them. Students and people who just finished education have a few issues when it comes to interview. At first, they lack work experience. The second issue is lack of skills. It may influence your chances to get a job. And this is why we developed a Student Resume Template. It is well-designed and well-structured. With this template, you can present yourself in the best possible way to impress hire managers and improve your chances to get a job.

Best Resume Templates / CV Bundle

Best Resume Templates CV Bundle

There are many top lists, yet this one contains the best products we have. It includes 10 templates with different design and structure. And you can use them for multiple types of jobs and interview. These templates are clean and neat. Moreover, all of them are easily editable and fully responsive. And if you want you can use an original resume template for every interview. It will show your serious attitude to employment.

John Smith – Resume Template

John Smith Resume Template

To make a long story short, John Smith is a clean and multipurpose resume template. It can cover any topic which means that you can use John Smith multiple times. As you can see, the design of the template is also plain-vanilla. Here is a cool thing about John Smith template! It can literally contain tons of information, but the design still won’t be overloaded. Everything and anything in this template organized professionally. However, all the elements are highly flexible and can easily be customized. Don’t hesitate to edit the images in Adobe PS or add your texts with  Microsoft Word!

Chronological Resume Template

Chronological Resume Template

It may be a wise move to tell more about yourself in cv even before the interview. Yet, hiring managers do not spend a lot of time reading resumes. If they are not impressed in the first 15 seconds your chances to get a job may decrease. And we have a good solution for you. Chronological Resume Template allows you to create a link between your previous jobs or education courses. It will present your life experience in a compact yet highly informative form.

Creative Resume Templatee

Creative Resume Template

Would you like to find something less official and more creative? Therefore, the next template is just what the doctor ordered! Here is a 4-page creative resume template that comes with an elegant, attention-grabbing design. Don’t you think that spring mood can fit your CV? In this case, here is your must-have!

When it comes to this awesome CV template, you can be sure in the look of all its details including:

  • colors,
  • pictures,
  • texts,
  • fonts,
  • icons,
  • and even spaces!

Here is a quick list of the main features you get inside the package:

  • the main 4-page resume template and 1-page cover letter template,
  • readable fonts that are free to download for you,
  • 100% customizable vector elements,
  • print-ready files, and more.

Feminine Chic Resume

Feminine Chic Resume

This feminine CV template was made in the clean design and contain well-developed layouts. It is very informative and presents all the necessary information on three pages. You can present your skills, contacts, achievements or cover letter. In addition, this template is easy to edit. Moreover, Feminine Chic includes many icons and you can use them to decorate a resume. And if you like this template then do not hesitate and download it to boost your employment chances

In addition, you can find there manuals and guides for beginners like 15 Steps How to Become a Stock Photographer in 2019 or How To Use Calendar Template As Effective Marketing Tool

How to start a career in Graphic Designing as a newbie?

How to start a career in Graphic Designing as a newbie?

In day to day life, we want graphic designing skills to do our tasks whether we are students, employees or business owners. If we maintain a Facebook page or a blog, we want to design attractive artworks for it. If we are students or employees, we will want graphic designing skills to create awesome presentations for impressing our professors or bosses. When we share our knowledge over an eLearning course, we want to create some graphics for that.
So if we have the graphic designing skills, then we don’t need to hire a graphic designer for that and we can save a lot of money by doing our own work. We are going to tell you about how to become a good graphic designer in this article.

Actually, Do I Need A Degree To Be A Graphic Designer?

It is not essential to have a degree to be a graphic designer. If you have, then it is good. It will add an extra educational qualification to your CV. But it is not must. If you have the skills you can be a good graphic designer. Skills are the most important thing in this field. If you don’t have the skills yet, we are going to guide you to gain them through this article. So stay with us throughout this article.

So Is Graphic Design Hard?

If you are a beginner with no prior experience, then the graphic design will be an overwhelming job for you. You should not try to become a master in graphic designing within a month. Just try to complete a task at a time. By doing task by task, you will gradually gain the skills to the master level. Therefore don’t be so hurry to achieve everything at once and stay humble in the initial phase.
Read many books and blog posts on design principles as you can. Google as much as possible and gain the knowledge on the things what you don’t know or the things that you have less knowledge about.
Master Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. To master them, start to learn the tools inside each software one by one. Learning the tool one by one will help you to learn the individual concepts in graphic designing.
You can begin your journey as a graphic designer newbie and reach the professional level by following simple and specific steps. The guidelines below will help you to go in the right direction.

1.Inspiration gathering

Try to get inspirations from the masters in the graphic designing field. When you see a creative and unique design put it to your Pinterest board. Then try to recreate and add new things to the design.

You should not copy the designs on your Pinterest board. You can get an idea from that but you have to find out your own style using those. The inspirational designs that you collected will help you to discover your preferences. For example, assume that your collection of inspirational designs mostly consists of infographics. That means you love infographics more than the other design types. Therefore you need to pay full attention to infographics and begin designing your own projects.

You can find many sources of inspiration. or are great examples for them.

2.Observe and study

Take a considerable amount of time and observe the designs you collected. Observe how are texts, shapes, lines and other components masterfully combined in a design. You will see that all the designs are very simple but powerful.

When you study various designs you can get a better understanding about implementing the tips and theories you read into the real world designs.

Analyze past and present design trends in the world. Find a specific design style and discover the things that they have used. Swiss style is a good graphic design style to begin, because of its grid design system. Try to redesign them. Compare your design to theirs. If there is a difference between them, then do modifications to your design. Repeat this process for many other styles until you gain confidence.

Then take a coupon clipper and redesign the ads in a new style. Do the same process with billboards, advertisements and etc.

Then try to create your own designs. That way you can develop your skills. In this process of developing your skills, you automatically begin to guess the software and tools that professional designers have used to design specific components. Don’t much worry about color theories, negative space and typography at the beginning. You will automatically get the knowledge on them when you continue your work.

Now you have a great portfolio with you. Try to connect with a local business. And then do some free work for them to build your portfolio and to get more work. Or you can join to a graphic design company as an intern. And also you can try freelancing work as a graphic designer., and are some examples of freelancing platforms.

3.Take notice of alignment

Symmetry is a very important factor when increasing the attractiveness of your design. Though your design consists of many colors and decorations, to obtain the uniformity, it is important to adjust the alignments.

4. Select the correct font types

When you design, you must pay attention to the clarity of your design. Because clarity is an essential aspect of graphic designing. If you put unreadable text on your design in order to enhance the visual appeal, you will not achieve what you expect from your design. Your design will not be successful. It is not a good idea to use various typefaces in one design though some guides tell to use. Because it is difficult to adjust our eyes to various styles and forms at once. So it is better to use different font sizes of the same font family. 

However, you should not use the same font family to all your designs. Because the perfect font family for a project may differ from project to project. It depends on the requirements, expectations, goals, and viewers of a design. So you should research and select the perfect font style before starting a particular project. There are so many font styles, exploration and experimentation will help you to select the best one.

5.The target for color cohesion

Don’t try to implement all the things you have learned in one design. If you do so, then your design will be full of texts, colors, shapes, and all the other components. Another thing is that don’t use red/green, orange/blue or purple/yellow color combinations in your design because a large amount of contrast is not a good factor of designing. Select colors that match each other finely.

Select the colors that match your mood and intentions. For example, deep blue symbolizes spirituality, intrigue or depression while green color symbolizes peace, nature, and freshness. Analyze some inspirational designs that you have collected and identify the color combinations they have used for expressing their mood and achieving their goals. Try to accomplish the same thing, using your own color combination.

You can use the Adobe Color CC tool online for selecting a good palette according to your requirement.

6.Keep consistency of the image quality throughout the design

Meaning of the overall project depends on the images, diagrams, and illustrations you use in your design. Expressing a message, information, feeling or a thought in a clear and attractive way is the general purpose of graphic design.

You have to keep the quality of images you are using, consistent throughout the design. For example, assume that you are going to combine a professional image which you bought from a stock image website with your own photograph, then the viewers will see the shortage of consistency. Therefore the consistency of the style, lighting, framing, proportions, and quality of these components should have remained all over the design.

7.Learn from the feedback you receive from others

The whole purpose of learning graphic designing is to design graphics that are appealing to others. Therefore it is important to get feedback from others. Maybe you are not confident about your design. It does not matter. You should not afraid of feedbacks. You can ask for feedback from professional graphic designers you know.

You can learn from the feedback. Accept the criticism happily and use it to enhance your skills. They help you to be a skillful designer.

8.The target for a clean and readable design

After creating a design, just take a rest for a few hours and then examine it carefully. If it needs some modifications then do it. There should be a right balance between brightness and contrast. Text in the design should be clear and readable. All the other components in the design should accomplish the goals of the design

9.Give importance to the rule of hierarchy

You should strongly pay attention to the hierarchy of your design elements. Let’s assume that you create a design for displaying an important textual message. If you place it over a colorful image, then it will degrade the importance of the textual image. Then you cannot successfully achieve your goals through your design. Therefore prioritization of the design elements is one of the most important factors when designing.
You can successfully accomplish the priority over color, typography, scale, and compositional placement. Though you add many other components to your design, the message you convey through your design must not be degraded.

10.Always do the things you love most

Always try to do something you truly love. Assume that you are a vegetarian and you get an order to design a promotional poster for the KFC chicken. Definitely, you cannot do it with your heart. If you take the order for the sake of money and design the poster, it will not be much successful because you design it with reluctance. Therefore always try to do projects that you are passionate about. Your energetic interest in it will create a great design.

Always sharpen your creativity and innovative ideas. You can gain better results if you continuously practice. The hardest part is to start but when you pass this phase with courage, no one can prevent you from being successful.

I hope you got a clear idea about starting your career as a beginner in graphics designing and how to become a good graphic designer. Good luck for your career and await for more forthcoming articles on graphic designing.