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(Image Credit: Saraandreasson & holliefuller)

COVID-19 Emergency condition: designers are creative always

Designers are ready with their creativity to spread awareness and supportive illustrations to help the people. Since the virus is uncontrolled, designers using the online platform to minimize the chance of spreading the COVID-19. Till now, 143 countries have infected people with 7000 deaths.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is now creating a panic situation in human society. It is a pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus as described by WHO. Sara Andreasson, Swedish Illustrator, created a lit match-stick pattern to encourage people to be self-quarantine.

In this picture, the half-burnt match sticks, burnt-out match sticks with a quote, “break the chain, stay home.” The quote signifies, “All the people need to help the people who are infected and try to break the spreading of infection by isolation.”

These are some of the best creative ideas to create awareness among the public to know the importance of staying at home. In this crisis situation, people are advised to make them self -quarantine. This creative designing community has tried its best to impose awareness among the public and raise funds for the needy. This kind of innovative message reaches the people in an excellent way.

Mona Chalabi, a British illustrator, beautifully creates designs on the symptoms of coronavirus. This image signifies the early symptoms of the virus, such as fever, dry cough, vomiting, and so on.

Christoph Niemann, a graphic designer, created a playful illustration to spread a message for the people to wash their hands and stay at home. This picture portraits a girl with a red pencil as a megaphone. The girl is opening her mouth and shout at the pencil tip.

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By seeing all these illustrations, let us practice self-hygiene and break the chain of transmission. Save the world from this kind of infection.